Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New Use for My Kitchen

Some day my main floor kitchen will be finished, but not for a while yet.  In the meantime, we find slightly different uses for the space.

Since the main and second floors are yet to be fully insulated they can substitute for a refrigerator -- or freezer -- depending on the weather. 

This winter Jonathan and David took up trapping.  Muskrats are plentiful this year, so they trapped quite a few.  They also discovered they could potentially receive more money for muskrat hides that had been skinned and stretched, so Jonathan proceeded to do the job and hung them upstairs to dry.  I guess there is a reason why there is "musk" in "muskrat", as there was a distinct odor up there after the deed was done.

Well, before the muskrats came beef.  This is the first year we raised a steer for our family, and Jed was very, very good.  I am sold on grassfed beef.  I've found that grassfed beef cooks faster and is so very tender.  Our family loves it!  We'll raise more beef again this year. 

And then came pork. 

Good thing our "refrigerated kitchen" stayed long enough for us to process all of our meat.

Since these photos were taken, the guys have installed some of the upper cabinets in the kitchen area.  Little by little, interior work is starting up again.   We'll see what can be accomplished before spring planting begins.


Anonymous said...

Great pics of your "kitchen"!!! Looks like you and your family have been really busy!

It feels like spring here in the SW Banana Belt!

Best wishes!

The K. Family said...

We've had the muskrat furs in our house as well as skunks, coons or whatever. Looks like your freezer will be full!

Chelsey S. said...

What a blessing to have your freezer (or cold kitchen space) filled up with choice meats! I wish we still lived near because my freezer would be full too!

Cary ~ My Wool Mitten at Serenity Farms said...

My granddad and brothers trapped - I'm hoping maybe my grandsons will take up the interest because we sure have an abundance of "critters" around that could be trapped!