Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunter's Safety

This week David and Andrew completed 3 days of a hunter's safety course.  David is excited because he can't wait to start hunting.  Andrew would rather be working on web design or movie making.   In order to pass the course they are required to attend  a total of 5 classes -- each of which is 3 hours long.  The big exam will be next week. 

Jonathan decided I needed some hunter's safety as well.  I have my own private instructor!  Even better, my instructor is a shoot boss for the Appleseed Project .   The next  shoot is scheduled at the Minot gun club for April 28.  For more information, check this link.


Anonymous said...

How exciting! Wish I could be there. I did an Appleseed in Puryear TN.
Is Don D gonna be there?

Lynn Bartlett said...

Don D won't be here this time, but was here 1-1/2 years ago along with his wife for a rifleman boot camp. Our guys still talk about what a great time they had that time.

Wendyo said...

Annie Oakley? Oh! It's Lynn Bartlett! What nice guys you have to take the time to make sure Mom is also proficient with a firearm. And, thank you for the thank you card and note!You are so kind!