Sunday, September 11, 2011

Too Early

Today the temperature was in the low 80's, and here's what's next:

Monday, 12th:  58 high/43 low; 10% chance of precipitation.

Tuesday, 13th:  54 high/29 low; 20% chance of precipitation.

Wednesday, 14th:  49 high/29 low; 10% chance of precipitation

Thursday, 15th:  58 high/45 low; 0% chance of precipitation.

This means on Monday and Tuesday we'll have to harvest eveything that can be harvested.  It means we have to pick green tomatoes from 250 tomato plants!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


It's been slightly crazy around here with fall activities.  On top of everything, David went down to the barn and discovered that his pony, Calliope was down.  She was laying in the field on her side, too weak to get up. 

Calliope has been a worry for me all summer.  Ever since her winter coat came out she has been very thin.  David purchased some horse feed for older horses, the type that is mixed with water to make it easy to eat.  She seemed to like it a lot, and started gaining weight.

And then 2 days ago she no longer wanted to eat. 

I should mention Calliope is 30 years old. 

She has been a wonderful starter horse for David, just the right size and good disposition.  Calliope was a bit difficult to catch, but once she was caught she submitted to bridle and saddle and seemed to enjoy getting out of the pasture and off for a ride.  Sometimes David rode her bareback before getting a saddle, and when he'd fall off she would stop and patiently wait for him to  get back on.

Peter and David checked on her frequently during the day and helped her to drink water from a bucket.   I was very surprised when they came in later morning to report she was once again on her feet.  She hasn't done much all day, but I consider it progress to see that she is getting around and working on eating grass in the pasture. 

I know there will come a day when we will find her gone, and I'll be very sad.  We are just thankful for the days we've had her, and for the wonderful memories she has given us.