Thursday, March 11, 2010

Foggy Days

I've lost track of how many dreary, foggy days we've had lately.

Here's an article from today's Fargo, ND Forum newspaper:

BISMARCK (AP) — Fog is becoming commonplace in parts of North Dakota, and even meteorologists think it's strange.
Fog was reported in Bismarck on 54 of the first 68 days of the year. On 17 days the fog was considered "dense."
The National Weather Service doesn't keep records on fog, but meteorologist Nathan Heinert says officials think this year's fog is unusual.
Heinert says the constant gray curtain hanging over the area is the result of a stagnant air mass and constant melting, which puts moisture in low levels of the atmosphere.
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We are all looking forward to a nice sunny day!


Marci said...

We have had fog too. I just figured it was the warmer air and the cold ground or something. :)

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Oh Lynn, sending you some sunshine, it's beautiful here in MT. Tues. forecasted to be 67F and I'm looking forward to it, even the pastures are beginning to green. Praying Spring heads your way and stays around, you've had plenty of winter.

I realize we're going to still get a couple of wet snows*sigh* but they melt of quick and the temps don't drop much*wink*

Good luck with the HS convention, praying all goes well and you enjoy it.