Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Read This Before Deciding to Homestead

We had one of those interesting days today ... I am pulling wood ticks from my clothes as I write, so you know it's been "one of those days."

The day started out fairly normal for everyone. We had a call from town to let us know the trees we ordered were in, so Jim and Peter headed to town to pick up our trees and bushes that we purchased for a dollar each. Jonathan planted onions, garlic and carrots and vacuumed at the ministry center. I spent my time doing washing clothes, hanging them on the clotheslines and making meals. The interesting part of the day began close to suppertime.

A family stopped by to pick up our only male puppy (still looking for homes for 3 more), and I had just gotten back into the house when we heard a big POP! I thought I smelled something weird, so immediately thought about a problem with electricity and the incubator. Sure enough it was the incubator -- but AN EGG HAD EXPLODED!! I haven't smelled that since chemistry class in high school! We got that thing cleaned out, aired out the house, and proceeded with supper.

All of a sudden our chicken killing dog named Selah started barking like crazy, so we knew something was afoot. Sure enough, one of the piglets Jim and the boys brought home last night had gotten out. I didn't think that was worthy of going down to chase, so I went out to get my towels off the line. Our oldest cat ambled over, rubbed on my laundry basket full of clean linens -- and sprayed it! Now that made me mad, and he knew it! He may not be around much longer.

It was quite interesting to watch the pig chase. After a couple of misses, Jim was able to dive for her and grabbed her before she got away again. Then we realized the other piglet had disappeared while we were concentrating on the other one! Since no one had watched her escape, we didn't know where to look. Jim unleashed our dog Selah, and she went to work. Turns out the 2nd piglet hadn't gone too far, and the boys were able to grab that one as well. They sure can squeal! Instead of helping to catch the 2nd piglet, I grabbed the chicken killer dog and had her collar in one hand while holding 2 fresh chicken eggs in the other and headed for the house. Needless to say, by the time we got everyone settled down we were all covered in wood ticks. Thankfully the mosquitoes haven't been out in full force as of yet.

Life can get rather exciting on the farm.


Anonymous said...

WOW !!!!!!

What a segment that would have been for "YOU TUBE". Especially Jim diving for the pig.

Gp B

Marci said...

Lynn, bless your heart. I think if a cat sprayed my clean laundry, I would go and get the gun. I am glad that all was taken care of and everyone is back in their pens.

Goodolboy said...

All I did yesterday was spread manure. You had way more fun than me (or should that be I). When I was a yung lad I lived in the northern part of Manitoba in the bush. I didn't know or hadn't seen a tick until we moved south. I kind of know what they are now. After ya have a few thousand on ya ya get down and personal with them.


Carolj said...


Hehe, I'm with Gp B. :) That was a youtube moment! We (I) didn't know you got pigs. Neat. I guess you're having quite the adventure with them already...

I'm sorry it hear it was one of those days. And, the cat....a gun would be convenient at this point.

In response to your comment:

Can send us one USP? :D Or, do we have to come pick it up? :) I wish we could have one for real. Dad's allergic to them. :( It doesn't seem to bother him if it's not here for long.

Emily said...

EEEEWWWW....ticks! I would have been doing a little dance around the yard if I were you, Lynn. You definitely need to get some guineas! :) I haven't seen even one tick on our property yet this year. I hope you don't have Lyme disease issues out your way.