Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's No Longer Spring

The last time I wrote on this blog it was springtime ... Well, a lot has happened between then and now.  Fall is definitely here, along with all its activities. 

 Last week our family started processing tomatoes.  What a blessing it was to have everyone helping out!  There are still quite a few tomatoes in the garden and hopefully there will be enough time to let them ripen there before another frost hits.  Sunday we woke to a hard frost in the valley but thankfully not in the garden area.

 Jim was in charge of the celery.  We still have more in the garden, and hopefully we'll get them processed before too long.

Jonathan working diligently on my tomatoes.  He did that for me, and then the next couple of days involved butchering chickens for him.

When picking corn the guys discovered a hole in the ground in the middle of the patch -- and lots of holes in my sugar pumpkins.  A trap was set and a woodchuck caught.  We'll see if we can salvage the pumpkins.

Peter and David worked long and hard to bring David's Morgan horse named Darla to the point where she could be ridden.  So far so good!  Darla was used for a brood mare before David purchased her, and we are thrilled that she is ready for training in riding.  


Marci said...

It is always good to hear from you!!

Chelsey S. said...

My my you guys are busy! So nice that your family is helping with all the processing. That is such a huge help. Looks like alot of delicious food is going to be around for the winter. I love seeing all your family is up too.

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Good to hear from you, we totally understand your lack of time to post. I've really had to push myself to find some time to post.

We got hit with a hard frost last night, not expected at all, so now we're in full harvest mode. Not all of the garden was burned and thanfully not the cantaloupe or outdoor tomatoes, so they will be covered every night from here out!

I tried celery on seasona and it was so tough you couldn't use it, so I found an alternative, an herb called Parcel and it's so hardy and tastes great! I freeze it as well as dehydrate it.

Glad everything was okay, praying for a bountiful harvest for your family, I have a feeling we'll all be glad for it!

Blessings to you and yours,

Unknown said...

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