Monday, April 16, 2012

Sounds of Spring

Yesterday morning I stepped out of the house after milk chores and heard a very familiar sound ... The grebe family has returned to the lake.  If you click HERE you can see one and hear what they sound like.  To the right of the photo is a spot that says, "listen", and click on the arrow.  

When we first moved up here I heard a grebe for the first time, and thought something was dying!

Another day I heard another very familiar and very welcome sound.   Click HERE and see what it was.  Every summer we have a family of these creatures on the lake as well.


Wendy O'Neill said...

Thanks to you, I can say I know one new thing I didn't know yesterday! I wondered what the red-necked grebe was--there were some in the lake near my folks' place. And I like the audobon site link; like the real bird songs!

God bless you!

Cora Beth said...

Thank you for this fun, informative post, Mrs. Bartlett! I remember hearing the Loon family while at your place several years ago. I like it very much. ...Not quite so sure that I like the Grebe's song though. :)
I keep meaning to ask you, ever since the Convention actually, if you would be willing to share here (or in an e-mail) your recipe for Velveeta cheese? Mrs. H. was telling me about it and I'd like to give it a try when we have more milk. She said that you gave her the recipe. No hurry on it, though... Jacob's bottle-calf is drinking up most of Sally's milk currently and the goats are just now going to kid, so it will be a while until we have excess milk again. :)
Happy Spring (AKA: busy season!) and God bless,
Cora Beth~

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for your post! That bird site is soooooooo great!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great post Lynn. Love the birds and their calls. Have a great spring. ~ Lynette

Unknown said...

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