Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Move Hay Bales: Improvising

Our family has been living in the country for 6 years, but we still lack some equipment most farms consider essential for a successful operation. 

Andrew includes a video of how we picked up our hay bales this week.  Check it out here

For quite a while we didn't even have a truck, so we used our station wagon to pull a small utility trailer and took only a couple of bales at a time.  This proves you CAN make do if you have to. 

It's certainly a good thing our neighbor's equipment creates the smaller round bales, or we might have had a problem.

Samson loves it when the guys move bales ... Lunch is just underneath.  He loves mice.


Lynette said...

Hi Lynn,
I love keeping up on your life in "the boonies". Samson would have been welcome here a few weeks ago as we had 5 mice on the house. Thank goodness for traps and guys to take care of them. I hate mice!!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Lynette said...

Whoops! meant in the house, not on it!