Monday, February 18, 2008


Whenever the weather has been warm enough, Jim and the boys have been working on the upstairs. They are doing a very good job of installing sheetrock, and what difference it makes! I have trouble visualizing things, but now that the sheetrock is up I can easily see how large the rooms will be. It's getting more exciting all the time! We still need to purchase windows and an inside door, but things are really taking shape.

The men are using part of my new cupboards as a table; sort of like them using my refrigerator and freezer to hold their tools when we first moved up here!

Once spring is officially here and the temperatures are favorable, we'll be taping and whatever else is needed to finish up the sheetrock. This is all new to me, so it's just another one of those things I have yet to learn to do. There will be lots of areas to practice on!

For the winter, the second floor has sort of been sealed off to try to keep what heat is in the main floor from escaping. The eaves are still open to the elements, although they did use insulation to sort of plug them up. That is good, as last year we had some trouble with birds checking out the house. Hopefully this summer we can close them up and side the house. House wrap isn't very exciting to look at.

Last fall Jim cut a hole above the wood stove in our basement to help bring some heat to their construction area. There are times when the boys forget to latch the outside door up there, and one or more of the cats manage to get in. They all know about the hole, so there are many times when I catch a glimpse of a cat climbing through, jumping onto the wood stove, and onto the floor. I don't have any photos of their antics, though!


Anonymous said...

Howdy from Texas! I decided to take time and catch up with all my friends!! I've missed y'all!

You must be so excited to see the house coming together! And you have cabinets too!

You are an inspiration!


TNfarmgirl said...

It's looking wonderful...I can't imagine how excited you must be. Not long till spring :)

Marci said...

YIPPEE!!!!!! I am thrilled for you. It looks great. I know that you are excited for each step that takes place.

Thanks for the kind comments about Dixie. =(

Anonymous said...

Hello! I love your blog! I am from Fargo-Moorhead, and am currently living in Ohio (4 years). My husband (a potter and musical instrument repairer) and I moved here so that I could go to grad school (I can understand your husband's trials in academia!). My father is from your current neck of the woods, and it has always had a special place in my heart. I have been reading your blog, and your story is wonderful. I literally became teary-eyed when I read about your decison and your move. We are longing to make the same type of change as you have, and would love more than anything to move back to North Dakota. You are a lucky and blessed family. Blogs such as yours are such an inspiration. By the way, what a lovely set of kitchen cabinets! How fortunate for you...I can't imagine why someone would want to get rid of them!

Shauna from Ohio

Carolj said...

Hello! Thanks for dropping by and leaving the note.: ) I'll be sure to tell them you said hi. I think they are going to come over this afternoon when they deliver Hannah back to the bus. We wish you all could be here! Did you all get any pictures of the moose?

I'm glad to hear about the progress on your house! PTL!