Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Special Blessings

No, this isn't my kitchen, but it could be some day! Friends of ours have daughters that clean house for another family, and the house they clean had these cabinets in the kitchen. Apparently the owners have decided to add onto their kitchen, and wanted to have all new cabinets, etc. installed. So, our friends called to see if we wanted these people's cabinets! Of course we said, Yes! They even went so far as to take them down for us and store them at their farm.

Another set of friends from up here took a trip down to where these cabinets were stored, and taking our trailer, loaded the trailer with as many of the cabinets as they could. Apparently the cabinets come in 12 foot lengths, so only one set would fit on the trailer. The reason for that is they also included their dishwasher! This is all so amazing, since never in my wildest imaginations did I dream we would have beautiful oak cabinets in my kitchen to be! I'm not sure if the dishwasher will ever be installed, but it's so great to know we have one if we decided to do it. I thought I would be utilizing old workbenches and Rubbermaid containers for the rest of my life! That goes to show me how much I underestimated my Heavenly Father, and the surprising gifts He has for us.

Our friend that is bringing the cabinets up called yesterday and commented that I am getting a beautiful set of cabinets, with a very nice sink and very fancy faucet.

There are advantages to living in the north and having very cold weather ... Peter took this photo a few days ago of the sun rising. Notice the dome of light around the sun. We call those sundogs.


TNfarmgirl said...

Wow Lynn! Isn't our Father amazing! I'm excited for you :)

Marci said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Lynn, I am thrilled for you. God loves to show Himself strong. I am so glad that you have been blessed in this way. Thanks for sharing!!!

Peggy said...

what a blessing! God sure loves to surprise us.

A Joy, Grace, and Faith Filled Life said...

Praise God! I'm looking forward to seeing the cabinets in your new home! How exciting!! God is sure answering prayers! Love you, Lynn!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new cabinets, I'm sure you love them!God does give us wonderful gifts! I just started a blog the other day and posted about how great God is just yesterday.Check it out if you would like.