Monday, February 05, 2007

We're Tough!

I found this section of an article in today's Fargo Forum online newspaper. This will give you an idea of just how tough we are up here in the frozen north!

Temperatures dropped below zero in Minnesota on Saturday morning and were expected to remain there until sometime Tuesday, the weather service said. By noon Monday, subzero temperatures had blanketed the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for 58 straight hours - the longest stretch in 11 years.
In northern Minnesota, the temperature crashed to 42 below Monday morning at Embarrass, 38 below at Hallock and 30 below at International Falls, the weather service said.
Veterinarian Wade Himes wasn't too concerned as he ate breakfast at the Shorelunch Cafe in International Falls.
"We get up and go to work, and people come and see us. I don't think anything changes that much. (You) just dress warm," said Himes, 69.
Grand Forks, N.D., also registered 30 below.
"For this time of year, this isn't that unusual, as far as temperatures go," said weather service meteorologist Bill Abeling in Bismarck. "To get record temperatures this time of year in North Dakota, you've got to delve down in the 40-below region, so we're not even close."

(PS: That's not true. When we got up this morning, the temperature on the outside thermometer read -40 degrees! Maybe that is why our car wouldn't start this morning ...)


Caroline said...

I looked on the thermometer in the barn, and it only goes down to -40 degrees F. so if it got colder than that, I wouldn't know it! Good luck, and dress warm!

Goodolboy said...

Hey Lynn, It makes no never mind. Once the water freezes it's all the same amount of work. Ya just do it a little faster the colder it gets. Anyway it ain't goin to snow when it is this cold.

Patricia Bunk said...

Reading your blog makes it feel like I got it easy. Here in New Jersey we have not gone under 0. I have to say freezing is freezing. Stay warm, spring is around the corner.