Saturday, February 17, 2007

Heading Down the Home Stretch

Just a little over a week from now we will be heading to the ND Home Educators' Conference in Fargo, ND. I am the occasional secretary for the Assoc., and my boss is Jim. Not only are we preparing for the convention but working to keep the freedoms ND homeschoolers have attained and stem the tide of attempts to take some of those freedoms away. The ND legislature meets every other year, and this legislative session has been a doozy for us homeschoolers. So far we have done okay and even received the right for grandparents to homeschool their grandchildren, but yesterday was "crossover day," and all the bills switch from the House to the Senate or Senate to the House. Needless to say, the fight will be on again next week as the various committees meet. It's been such a blessing to see all the homeschooling families that continue to send emails and call their legislators to fight for what they desire to see happen within the state.

Our homeschool convention will feature Skeet Savage and her son Israel Wayne from Wisdom's Gate. Steve Demme from Math-U-See will also be speaking. We are also glad to have Good Farmer John himself -- John Mesko of Lighthouse Farm (blogs with Northern Farmer, Jim V. and Nathan V. at ). John will conduct a workshop and also offer at booth in the convention hall.

My son Jonathan and I have lots more to share regarding our adventures with homesteading, but it's kind of on the shelf until the convention is over.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynn for the blog.

Know you are busy.

Good luck in the coming days getting ready and traveling to Fargo.

Is the convention having any music ?

Do I remember, it will be in the Forum?

I would expect you will see a lot of your Fargo friends while there.

Have a good time and enjoy it.

Who is taking care of the farm while your gone?

Gp B

Math-U-See said...

best of luck the the conference, if you see my dad (aka steve demme) say hi for me :-)

Lynn Bartlett said...

Thanks for the encouragement, GpB!

For math-u-see: Which Demme should I say hi from??