Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Cabin Has Arrived -- Sort Of!

We'll have more photos later tonight.

The payloader bogged down on the new entrance the men made for the driveway, so the plan is to back things up and actually use our regular driveway entrance. The driveway has actually dried up enough that it may be better to use than taking the building through the field. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures.

Sure is an interesting project.

By the time they get the 3rd one they will know what they are doing.

Looks like they know already.

Great some one had those wheels and beams, wonder if he used the tel poles he got.

The pay loader showing up at just the right time was a blessing.

It is so wonderful that there are so many people around that can help when its needed.

Good luck on the rest of the journey.

Those buildings sure are big and can be used for so many things. Have you given any thought to how best utilize them?

Will be anxious to see more pics as they become available.

Where will you place them on the property?

Gp B

Anonymous said...

Hello Bartletts!

Wow, what a neat project! A blessing for you guys to be sure. Bed and Breakfast?, Hog barn? Milking Parlor? grain storage? Lots of uses!!