Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Feel Like a Greased Pig

We butchered our pigs a few weeks ago, and I thought I was done rendering lard. I guess I've never been too excited about touching greasy things, because it's so hard to get off my hands afterwards. Well, we discovered a few packages of fat from the pig we butchered back in December of 2006, and I thought I'd better take care of that as well. At first I was just going to throw it away, but our son Jonathan has decided we are going to make soap, so we will use it for that purpose.

We were planning on watching the Republican debate tonight via the internet, so I decided a popcorn supper was appropriate. I also had the big idea I would make donuts, so at the same time I was rendering lard I was making and frying donuts! That was a bit too greasy for me. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how light and nongreasy the donuts were. They were quite delicious. I thought since lard tends to be absorbed in the donuts as they are being fried they would be fairly greasy and leave an aftertaste, but they were great! Maybe there is something to this animal fat thing! I've been planning to read a book entitled, Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig, and another book they wrote, Eat Fat Lose Fat. Guess now is the time to do just that.


Anonymous said...

MMMMMM home made donuts, YES

Fat always makes things taste better.

Wish I was there. Wait---- Its cold out there , right? Just send them.

Sounds like fun Lynn.

Gp B

TNfarmgirl said...

Great book - am working my way through it also. Where has it been all of my life?

Rendering fat....I'd like to try that :)


Anonymous said...

Makes me hungry Lynn!! I have not make donuts for years!!! I would love to make soap with you guys!

We need to make candles from our beeswax this winter-but winter is slipping away! Too many projects, too little time.

Love Donna

Goodolboy said...

Hi Lynn, Homemade fried donuts! Man, that brings back memories. Haven't had those since I was a kid. Do you guys make cracklins from the skin? Another treat I enjoy. Your last post on "ya might be in North Dakota" sure made me laugh. Kind of hit home. When my Mom lived down in Missouri she was constntly asked why there was a plug hanging out the front of her grill. Stay warm.


Lynn Bartlett said...

Thanks for all the comments! Guy, I'm really not sure if I ended up with cracklings or not! I'm afraid I will overcook the lard, so I tend to not let it all cook down. That last batch of lard I made was a darker color than the first, so I don't know what I did differently.

TNfarmgirl said...

You'be been tagged on my blog today :)

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your blog! I especially liked this entry! We have always taken our pigs to have them butchered and then rendered the lard ourselves..makes for yummy pies. Monday, we (I guess I should say my husband with the help of a neighbor) will be butchering our 1st hog, ourselves. My husband is very much looking forward to the opportunity to learn how to do it. I am a little nervous. Thank you for a wonderful read!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!