Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm Thankful

I read Marci's blog , where she is asking for our lists of what we are thankful for. Well, one of the top items on my list is my Dad.

Ten years ago, Dad unexpectedly needed open heart surgery, when he had his aortic valve replaced and also had double bypass surgery. At that time he literally died twice, but thankfully was brought back to life. Our third son was only 8 months old at the time, and with these added 10 years, Andrew and also our 4th child, David, were able to get to know and love Grandpa along with their 2 older brothers.

This fall Dad was experiencing much difficulty with his breathing, and we were all concerned. The cardiologist set up an angiogram for him, and that procedure was done this morning. I am so thankful to say that no blockages were found! Dad will need a procedure called cardioversion performed to bring the beating of his heart back into sync, but it won't involve surgery.

I guess it's so easy to take people we love for granted, and it isn't until there is a possible life threatening condition that we realize how short life really is. We are all so thankful for Grandpa!
(Grandma, too!)


Carolj said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all from the MacDs! :-)

PTL for the good report on your dad!

BonnieJ said...

That's wonderful :) That's a nice picture of the three of you. It's so fun to see pictures online of people in places we've visited.

Tell Jonathan to email me about the squirrel, I found a good recipe online.

Marci said...

Lynn, you look like BOTH your parents!!!! What a great picture. What a blessing to hear about your Dad's good report.