Friday, September 29, 2006

We Even Have Fun!

In spite of our busy times here, with building, canning and just living, our boys manage to find time to have fun. David and Andrew built a sled for winter sliding, but decided it would be just as fun to use it in the fall! No need for snow, with the help of Mountain Fire Keeper's garden tractor. Maybe some day we will actually use the tractor to till the garden!

There are advantages to pounding on shingles, since the sunsets are beautiful from up on the roof.

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Grammy B. said...

Glad to know the boys have had time to build a sled and enjoy pulling it with the tractor-the action pictures makes the post special.

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the beautiful sunset from the roof. Doubt I'd ever get up there to see them first hand. (We did see some beautiful sunsets from the field this summer). Love, Mom B.