Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Enjoyment

David has been itching to get our snowmobile going.

This snowmobile was given to us by someone who was probably relieved he found someone to take his junk. It is a vintage 1970's Viking, and I've never heard of that brand of snowmobile before. David came in after riding the snowmobile and said his bottom was wet. No wonder, since the vinyl on the seat has long ago disappeared and only the foam is left.

Last summer Andrew took the engine out of this snowmobile and placed it into the go cart he fixed up for David for his birthday. Now that winter is here it was time to get the engine back into the snowmobile. They managed to get the job done, and sometimes it even runs!
Back in my high school days snowmobiles were just getting popular, and of course my brothers and I wanted one. My Dad's comment was to the effect that they spend more time in the garage getting fixed than actually out being driven; so no, we were not getting one. Now I totally understand his reasoning! Yesterday Andrew drove the thing the quarter mile down to the mailbox to pick up the mail, and when he returned it was David's turn to take a spin. That was exactly when the engine died, and they have yet to get it started once again.

Oh well, this old snowmobile is a good way for the boys to learn about how an engine works, and gives them hours of fun in the snow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn

Just read the last few blogs. very informative as usual.

That camera does a great job.

Still waiting for the announcement of the new member of the family. Shouldn't be long now.

Gp B

Kimberly said...

Yes, We have two old snowmobiles that need constant work. One of our older sons will work on it, drive it a few times, and then it will quit. But he likes to fix things and he gets a lot of enjoyment out of riding. Plus he will hook a plastic toboggan behind the snowmobile and give our younger son rides. It is great fun while it lasts.

We can relate to the cow/horse bonds. Such a beautiful cow!