Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's Snowing

What a difference a day can make ... And it's still snowing!


Kimberly said...

It is pretty! But I'm glad we don't have any...yet!

Anonymous said...

Ah, such pretty pictures! But I bet it's cold too. I saw the forecast for next week is down in the single digits at night!! Brrr! Keep the fire going! lol Luella

Marci said...

The snow is beautiful.

Kelle said...

We received about 2-1/2" of snow and then the Alberta clipper hit and we were at -1F at 6 am this morning, Brrrrr.....

You'll be glad you have all that wood. Cortney and I are blessed with our new firewood shed, roof. no more fighting frozen tarps to get the wood.

All the animals got extra bedding and a flake of alfalfa hay with their grass hay( morning and night), the pigs got their "hot" slop and the chickens got their grain cooked and served warm. Yep, our animals are spoiled rotten, no doubt about it!*wink*
Keep the home fires burning, more frigid air is yet to come.