Monday, December 21, 2009

No Calf Yet

A friend stopped by today to take a look at our cow. She spent many years raising cattle, and we value her opinion. We all filed down to the barn and watched her take a look. Then she said, "Well, it looks like it will happen soon -- in 7 to 10 days." What?? We've been checking on her (just taking looks, nothing invasive) every 2 hours for the past 2 weeks! Maybe we all will be fooled and she will deliver earlier than that.

I spent my afternoon at the neighbor's, learning how to make lefse. It's still amazing to me that I grew up with a big Scandinavian family, and yet no one made lefse. I would have rather done without lutefisk!


Anonymous said...

Cheer up Lynn. There is still time for a tax deduction for 2009 :) Or don't calves count as dependents.

Gp B

Cora Beth said...

Dear Mrs. Bartlett~
Whenever I see that someone from your family has posted, I check it right away to see if your cow has calved yet. :) I'm praying all goes well for you... My dad has had many years of experience with cows and can tell pretty well when a cow is close to calving, so we're blessed to have him around!

Lynn Bartlett said...

Well, I sure hope we don't fall down on the job and then have the calf born while we aren't checking! It certainly is a learning experiene for all of us.