Friday, December 11, 2009

Great Recipes and Stories

Somewhere I read about a set of cookbooks written in the 1980's by Rita Van Amber and her daughter, Janet Van Amber Paske. The title is "Stories and Recipes of the Great Depression of the 1930's". There are three volumes. I sent for them through our state's interlibrary loan, and they arrived last week. I need to push to get through them, since I have a deadline to get the books back. The recipes are great, as they give me an idea of what was available for ingredients in the Depression. There are also neat stories of how families "made do" with what they had and how families helped each other out.

I just came across something else that I need to keep in mind.


Thank God for dirty dishes

They have a tale to tell

While others may go hungry

We're eating very well

With home, health and happiness

I shouldn't want to fuss

By the stack of evidence

God's been good to us.

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