Saturday, December 19, 2009

Still Waiting in the Maternity Ward

Sandy, our Jersey cow, is soon be a mama. The guys have taken turns checking on her every 2 hours for over a week now, and maybe tonight is the night. Peter just returned from the barn and said she is standing up and may have some mucus.

I haven't spent much time with Sandy, but she has been a very gentle cow so far. Peter and David have done the most work with her, and she seems to respond well to them.

Calliope our horse has considered Sandy her best buddy, and I wonder how things will go when the calf is born and Sandy has no more interest in her. They used to spend a lot of time together grazing in the field.

In preparation for milking, Peter created this stanchion in the corner of the barn.

Every night Sandy has been kept in this area of the barn, away from the curious eyes of the goats. She is in there tonight, and hopefully things will go well for her and her calf.

I wonder if cows feel uncomfortable when they get this big!

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