Monday, June 21, 2010

Special Day

Yesterday dawned sunny and clear. It was still very muddy, though, since we've had such rainy weather. Good thing the weather was nice, since we were heading to a wedding.

Jonathan, David and I planned to make the 4 hour trip to the Dagley farm for the celebration. We ended up taking the old pick-up truck, which meant only 3 of us could go. Our friend Paulette was also driving down, so I hopped a ride with her so I could keep clean until the wedding. We took our 2 way radios so we could communicate between vehicles. Paulette was staying in the area overnight, and I rode back home with the boys.

The wedding was the day after Prairie Days, an annual family event held at the Dagley's. Quite a few families stayed for the event. The ceremony was outdoors, and the weather was perfect.

The above photo is of Hannah the bride, and Ron Stover, her dad. The wedding had a western theme.

The extended families were the wedding party, and the 2 dads performed the ceremony. I was sitting off to the side and a ways away from the front, so I didn't get as many photos as I should have.

We've been friends with the Stovers and Dagleys for quite a few years, and it was such a blessing to see Benjamin and Hannah bringing the families together.

Oh, and the reason we ended up taking the truck was because we picked up the newest addition to our farm:

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A yet unnamed 1-1/2 month old calf, who we are now bottle feeding. He was so good on the way home -- just laid down and took it easy. Hopefully he will adjust soon to the Bartlett Farm.


Kelle said...

Love the wedding photos, beautiful dress the bride is wearing.

Your calf look similar to the one Cortney is bottle raising for a friend. Which we may end up purchasing if Addy doesn't calve*sigh* We'll need a beef coming up for the freezer in a couple of years.

The Krahns said...

Some year I'd love to go to the Prairie Days. A few of my daughters have met Hannah so it was nice to see wedding pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting pictures - the girls all got sick and we ended up doing chores for Stegmans so we couldn't come. :(
Cute little calf. :) Does he have vision (the calves that come into the clinic due to some stress and their eyes are cloudy blue are often blind)