Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Newest Crop

We haven't quite succeeded in keeping the weeds down in our strawberry patch, so you have to look very carefully to find the berries. Little by little we are moving the beds to a new location and first laying down a type of plastic and then planting the strawberry plants through the covering.

They are delicious!

Oh yes, we also have a new crop of babies as well. Andrew took this photo of some baby birds in a nest near our workshop door.


Kelle said...

We weren't sucessful in keeping the weeds out of our starberry patch either, so started a new on this Spring. We'll enjoy a few berries but pray for runnenrs to thicken up our patch again.

Those baby birds are so cute, we've enjoyed several robin nests close enough to watch and our returning barn swallow now has 4 babes hungry and beaks wide open all the time.
Blessings for your Independence Day weekend

Kelle said...

oppps... strawberry patch

RL said...

I love strawberries but, I get the hives if I eat too many of them, however I still eat them in small quantities.