Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gardening in Between Raindrops

More rain today. My parents called tonight; apparently our area even made the news back in northern Minnesota. According to the water I poured out of the dog dish we must have had at least a couple of inches in less than an hour -- and then some.

Yesterday was a lull in between storms, so I pushed myself outside to plant the remaining herbs and flowers.

I encountered one big pest: Henry the cat. He made up his mind he was going to sleep underneath the delphiniums, so I finally gave in and left him alone. I sure hope he leaves my newly planted flowers alone.

Our garden items are coming along nicely in spite of all the rain. However, we have lots of weeding to do. I neglected our asparagus patch, so we probably had only one meal out of them. Our friend Steve told us they are heavy feeders and we should have given them nutrients, so that information will be stored for next year's growing season and chalk it up to another case of learning things the hard way.

Yesterday Andrew took some great photos of the farm, and here is one of raspberries in the formation stage.

Our peas are climbing up the chicken wire. Now to get it hot enough to take off the hoop house plastic.
We are also growing a bumper crop of mosquitoes.

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