Sunday, June 13, 2010


We've had lots of rain lately. One neighbor told us she talked with another neighbor, and the week before Memorial Day he poured 9 inches of water out of his rain gauge! Everything has been very soggy.

We were thankful that a friend made a start to improve our driveway. During all the rain we continued to be able to travel in and out without getting stuck. The man was waiting for road restrictions to be over before finishing the work that needs to be done. The restrictions were lifted recently, so hopefully the driveway will be scraped and gravel added in the near future.

The pigs seemed very happy with all the rain -- made it easier for them to dig up the area inside their pen. I don't know why, but all 6 of them insisted on rooting up the path we take to get to their feeder, so it makes for a slippery, mucky walk in there. They haven't rooted up all of their available area, so I wonder why this particular spot was their favorite.
Peter strung electric wire around an area near where our semi trailer is temporarily parked. As soon as the pigs are brave enough they will discover how much room they have to move around in and dig up.

We've not had warm enough temperatures to take off the hoop house plastic. Night time temperatures are still in the 40's, and daytime temps seem to hover in the 60's. I think I read one day this week we may actually hit the mid 70's.
Our corn is knee high in the hoop house, so hopefully we'll have some to eat on David's 11th birthday the end of July.

The tomato plants are looking pretty good in there as well. The plants in the field aren't half as nice, but hopefully things will perk up soon.
Tomorrow I need to finally get some flowers planted.


Marci said...

We are getting lots of rain as well. After 2 years of drought, I refuse to complain. I am not saying you are complaining, but lots of folks around here are. Things look great in your hoop house!!

Anonymous said...

Your tomatoes inside are gorgeous - mine outside are not enjoying the drownings and cold weather and look soo pitiful. I think I will be lucky to get anything but onions and late beans as the carrots, beets, corn and such are not growing.