Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scents of Summer

Earlier today I walked over to the clothes lines to hang up some laundry, and caught the scent of our billy goat, John. The name he was given before we purchased him was Big Bad John, but he is more along the lines of a rather timid goat. He can appear rather crabby because of the size of his horns, but is rather mild mannered.

One of our does must be in heat because I caught the smell of John way up by the clothes lines. I sure hope our clothes don't absorb the smell! Bucks certainly have a strange way of attempting to attract the ladies.

Last week Peter was working on painting the barn and came in smelling just like John. We made him take a shower! I sure hope John cleans himself up soon. We keep him staked out down by the lake, but even our strong winds haven't helped deodorize him.

Peter does the milking, and here he is milking my favorite goat, Leah. Not all of the goats are as easy to milk as she is.


Anonymous said...

I think I just got a wiff of him.

Gp B

RL said...

That's a nice looking buck. Very impressive horns.

One of the two bucks we just recently acquired had a very long black beard. Must have been 10" in length. Anyway he got into some of our burdock and got his pretty beard all full of burs so I had to cut it off.

Marci said...

I think a male goat is one of the grossest animals there is. :) The way they attract females is truly YUCK!!! :) I think you need to put him down wind!!