Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Canning Days

Today is my first attempt of the season at canning tomatoes. The only ones that are ready are the ones we grew in our hoop house, since they had an early start as compared to the other plants in the field. I think in total the boys planted 300 plants!

David helped me by using the blender to juice the tomatoes. The guys in the house (which means all of them) don't care for chunks of tomato in their food, so I just can juice. I got everything ready and started heating the canner, when all of a sudden there was a flood on top of the stove. Oh no! My canner had sprung a leak, and there was water everywhere. Apparently the canner finally rusted through.

I was glad that during the process of purchasing canning jars from area ladies some of them would throw in the rest of their canning paraphernalia -- such as water bath canners. I have three more in storage, so I pulled one out and am starting the process once again.

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Marci said...

I'm glad you had another one. I ended up using a huge stainless steel pot I had along with one of the racks from my pressure canner. :)