Monday, August 10, 2009

Second Swarm

I started working on this post the day after the last one, and just couldn't get it finished.

Below are some photos of the second swarm of bees that Jim captured on the same day as the other one! The two new hives are still doing well, and we are thankful for the tripling of our bee population.

The tree was located in the same vicinity as our original hives.

The boys stayed a respectful distance away -- no sense getting stung.

Peter took this photo of the swarming bees.

Jim cut off the branch and brushed the bees into another bee box.
We are so busy with raspberries that it's difficult to find time to work on another blog entry, but I will try to do it soon.


Marci said...

What a blessing more bees. I am thrilled for you. I sure would like to get some of your raspberries!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
Isn't it wonderful how the Lord meets our needs with His abundance?
I'm wondering if our boys could buy some raspberries from you when they come up for the shoot next weekend? They'd pick them themselves.