Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Appleseed Project Weekend

Our Appleseed Project weekend went very well. Most people arrived Friday night, since registration started at 8:30 Saturday morning.

Saturday morning was quite chilly, so Jim started a small fire to warm people up. We had families from Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota.
Jonathan and Peter qualified as Rifleman while attending an Appleseed weekend last May, so this time they were Instructors in Training. Both wore the orange caps.

Alex drove 12 hours to be the shoot boss; he came from Iowa.

Jacob, Caleb, Andrew and David were waiting for Appleseed to begin.

Everyone participating the two days of the shoot were given Appleseed t-shirts.

Chris demonstrated the use of a sling.

Getting ready to shoot.

David and Andrew on the line.

Back at the ranch there were non-shooters raiding the raspberry bushes!

Peter, in his Instructor in Training cap.

A family rooting for Mom to do well in the shoot.

David and Andrew shooting.

Sunday was much warmer than Saturday, and it felt great to seek a shady spot to listen to Alex's history of April 19, 1775 at Lexington and Concord.

Andrew used our lawnmower to cut the word, "APPLESEED" into the hillside.

A photo of the site, which took place in our big field. Good thing our neighbor was finished with haying!
Checking to see how well the round went.

This is a photo of what the targets looked like.

Even ladies were involved in the weekend!

Our barefoot Instructor in Training.

Instructors in Training Chris, Peter and Jonathan.

This weekend was a good one for learning history, renewing friendships and meeting new friends. I would recommend the Appleseed Project to any and every family.


Marci said...

So,did you shoot Lynn? We would have loved to have been there.

Lynn Bartlett said...

Marci, after a very busy week of berry picking, canning beans and cleaning house (things were a bit messy after 3 or more weeks of the raspberry season) I would have been too tired to see the target! Besides, of the 38 people here for Appleseed there were 14 that didn't shoot, so things were going on in the farmstead as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow !! Those pictures are great.

What a huge success. The boys are to be congratulated. I am sure it was a lot of planning for them. What a way to meet new friends.

Now to fish out all that lead from the hay
bales :).

Gp B

Cora Beth said...

Thanks so much for taking and posting lots of pictures, Mrs. Bartlett!!! Andrew took a few, but he obviously couldn't get any of when the shooting was actually happening... :)

We are REALLY enjoying the raspberries the boys brought home from your place!