Wednesday, February 04, 2009

On the Road

A friend asked if we were interested in heading three hours east to visit friends today, since she had some ladies to visit (she is a midwife). We hadn't been over to see our friends in quite a while, so David, Andrew and I decided to go along on the trip.

It felt good to get away. I think I've been experiencing cabin fever, and it's sometimes good to go away and come back with a fresh sense of purpose. We even stopped at a consignment store, and the boys found some items they couldn't live without.

We got back on the road and were about half way to our destination when suddenly we started experiencing ground blizzard conditions. The day was sunny and clear, but we were no longer in the Turtle Mountains and there were no hills to protect us from the wind. I had forgotten how scary it is to drive when it isn't easy to see the road. This particular highway is very desolate, with mostly grain trucks using the road. Those trucks kick up even more blowing snow, so it was doubly hard to see. My friend didn't have cell phone coverage in this area, since "progress" hasn't set up any towers yet along this road. Just to be on the safe side, we turned around and headed home.

This is the first year I've seen county road crews having to take bulldozers to break up drifts of snow along the roads and then load the snow into trucks to be hauled away. Thankfully we ran into such a crew working on this before we hit the ground drifting of snow, or we may have "run" into them.

Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow, and we will reach our destination.

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Anonymous said...

We missed you guys and were surprised to see Paulette walk in the door without you. She has more visits to make though so hopefully you can catch a ride again some other time as it has been forever since we've seen you