Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Summery" Weather

It's been a beautiful day outside, sunny and warm (at least for us). The temperature was in the 30's, and the sun felt warm. The only drawback was the high wind warnings, with gusts clocked at 45-50 mph. I walked down to the mailbox before lunch and discovered the wind was directly in line with our driveway, so the blowing snow hit me directly in the face. It wasn't very pleasant until I turned around and walked back up the driveway.

My progress to the mailbox and back is always very slow, as we have a German Shepherd that insists I throw snowballs for him. All I have to do is start getting on my boots, and he is dancing around me and whining. I have never figured out why he enjoys it so much, but I enjoy seeing him having so much fun. Samson loves it when I throw them in the air and he jumps to catch them in his mouth. I always grow tired of the game before he does! It wasn't much fun throwing snowballs when the wind was so rough today, but the return trip was very enjoyable.

This is the mode of dress when temperatures head into the 20's. Yesterday I had to get David back to the house to get a jacket on, as the temperature was only 18 degrees! The above photo is of Andrew, Peter, and David. Samson is laying there, hoping someone will throw some snowballs for him!

Jonathan, enjoying a good book with our cat named Snowball.

Jim, Jonathan, Peter and David traveled to our neighbor's farm to help out today with running their sled dogs and giving rides to a Bismarck Girl Scout troop. Jonathan came home wanting a sled and dogs, and David came home wanting a snowmobile! He "helped" our neighbor with keeping the dogs on the right path and holding off other snowmobilers while the dog sleds were crossing their path. Our neighbor's property connects with the state park, so they have a lot of snowmobile traffic over there.

Peter, giving rides to two of the Girl Scouts.

Tomorrow the weather will moderate into the 20's. The wind will be down, but then snow is predicted to fall once again. I am anxious for spring.


Marci said...

Wow, you were warmer than we were. We made it to 23 I think. :) We too are getting some winds. Last night they said the low was supposed to be 7 and it was -9. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40's and then Tuesday night is back down to 7.

That is neat they get to help with sled dogs. I think that would be fun... riding on the sled that is. :)

Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Marci,
Two years ago our family was invited by our neighbors to do a test run with their dogs, going through the entire process of hitching up the dogs to running them and then unhitching and feeding them. It was a lot of fun. Of course, I had my own personal driver (Jonathan); I rode in the sled!