Sunday, February 22, 2009


Moving out of Fargo, August 2004.

A while back a friend of ours moved from our town to the east coast, and we offered to keep track of her house in town until she returned. Well, it's been decided that she would sell her house and stay in the east, so we were then asked if we would pack up the rest of her belongings and store them until she comes to claim them this summer.

We are finding that selling a house in winter is not an easy task, especially when there's been very cold temperatures and lots of snow. It made me very thankful our house in the city sold in late summer, and we moved before winter set in. All of this packing reminds me very much of our packing days back in 2004.

I'm a careful packer, making sure things wouldn't be damaged. Since our friend will have to haul everything back in a trailer, I've had to pack every box to the top so they won't crush. I have everything that was in the house packed up, and now am working on garage items.
I've been thinking a lot about a post Scott Terry of the blog, Homesteader Life wrote concerning being a "frugal materialist." We got rid of a lot of things before we moved, but it's amazing how much we've accumulated since moving here. We live in our basement, and it's becoming increasingly more difficult to manage all the stuff in here. Either I have to get more creative in how to store things, or it's time to declutter and get rid of them. I've been looking forward to some day moving upstairs and having more room to spread out, but I have a feeling there will always be a storage problem.
Maybe it's a good thing we don't have a thrift store or used book store in the area ...


Marci said...

So are you storing her stuff at your house - in the basement???? Wow is all I can say if that is right. Could any of it be stored upstairs in your house?

We too are trying to get rid of more stuff. Sigh.....

Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Marci,
My friend's stuff is going up on the main floor, in what will some day be our bathroom. I am packing her things down here and then the boys are bringing it upstairs. The only items I will keep down here are photos, paint and other things that would be damaged by freezing. And freezing it is this morning!