Saturday, February 14, 2009

Poor Marlys

Our cat Wendell is on the left, and Marlys on the right. All of our cats seem to enjoy watching me from the kitchen window.
Last spring our cat named Marlys was hanging around with Jonathan and Peter when they were setting poles into the ground as supports for our future barn. Peter lost his grip on the log and dropped it -- onto Marlys. She stayed in the chicken barn for a while, and had some bleeding through one of her eyes. She healed up, but that one eye at times is mattery.
Yesterday the boys were doing chores when they noticed some blood on the snow; then they noticed Marlys. We don't know what happened, but her tail is now half as long as it used to be, and its new tip was bare of hair and a bit bloody. I called a friend who had had a cat that had frost bite on her ears and tail, and lost the tips of them. She said the tail never became bloody, but eventually just fell off. We are suspecting that Marlys must have gotten too close to the horse or cow, and probably had her tail either stepped on or laid on, and lost part of it. She doesn't normally spend much time up at the house, but today she was up here quite a bit and seemed to be doing all right. Cats sure are resilient.


Anonymous said...

You might want to keep an eye on your injured kitty. One of our cats was kicked by a horse and although he looked fine, his tail was broken internally causing him to have trouble relieving himself. As a result he ended up with a painful bladder/kidney infection. You might want to make sure Marlys is regularly using the bathroom as our vet told us that there can be fatal ramifications if they are not going regularly.

Lynn Bartlett said...

Thanks for the concern. We've been keeping an eye on Marlys since we first noticed what happened to her. It's so hard to tell when a cat is hurting, since they hide it very well. So far so good.

RL said...

Hi Lynn,
That sure is a familiar site. Our cats do the same thing peering in the window like that. And also the mischief they get into.

A couple weeks ago one of our half grown kittens fell into a bucket of waste oil. It took several washings to get all that oil out. Afterwards he was climbing the walls trying to get back out side. He thought we were being mean to him giving him a bath and in the middle of winter.

Like they say, “curiosity killed the cat”. How true it is. I’m always reminded of that one our cats get themselves into places they shouldn’t.

Lisa said...

One of our cats showed up with most of her tail missing. Turns out she was under the hood of a vehicle when it was started. The fan cut her tail off. Several days later, she showed up with a hole in her side and we thought she'd been shot. The tail injury had abscessed and burst. Really gross. But, a trip to the vet fixed her up like new. Mentally, she was never normal but physically, she healed! Lisa in NM

Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Lisa,
I remember you from Homestead Heaven! Thanks for stopping by. I don't care how many cats we've had, it's still hard for me to see any one of them suffer. Thankfully, Marlys seems none the worse for wear.