Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Winter in the Hills

Looks like winter made its official entrance yesterday; woke up to lots of blowing snow. I heard we may have as much as 8 inches. The boys spent yesterday afternoon attempting to get our 1970's vintage snowm0bile to start -- with no positive results. Maybe it feels as sluggish as I do, with all the snow and cold.

Canning is almost done. I would like to try canning a few potatoes, squash and pumpkin, but it's on hold until I have more time to experiment. I am spending the week helping out with a midwife conference that will run until Friday afternoon. I have no expertise in that area, so I am helping with cooking lunches and suppers. Having recently turned the half century mark, I feel like a grandma to all the young girls that are learning this valuable art. What a blessing to see so many homeschooled young women eager to learn all they can about midwifery.

Hope all is well for you, in your neck of the woods!


Emily said...

Hi Lynn! Happy belated Birthday to you! :) Snow, hm? I would love to see some pictures if you have the time to post them. I remember when I started my blog, it was in January, and I was looonging for the springtime. Now it's getting on toward winter once again, and I would dearly love to see some of that snow coming down. I just love the change of seasons! Today's weather has been fickle, started out nice and calm, got cloudy, now the blue is peeking through again but it's cooler. New England! :)

Marci said...

Yesterday was 70 degrees and sunny here. Today it is mid 50s and overcast and rainy. I love to sit inside and watch big snowflakes coming down.

I would love to take part in the midwife convention. I did a bit of training in that area, but had to quit due to some outside circumstances. I still think about doing it again sometime.