Saturday, October 07, 2006

My New House

Our house is all wrapped up!

Jim has been trying to help me post some photos of the "finished product", but Blogger won't allow more. Anyway, the house is all wrapped up for winter! We will do more on the inside, weather and finances permitting. We are so thankful for everyone that gave of themselves to help us get to this point. As I write I am listening to 40 mph winds blowing around the house, and I have a feeling we'll have to do something tomorrow to better secure one piece of house wrap.

Guess we need to find something for a makeshift door, or we may have some furry visitors. Jim plans to store our firewood up top for the winter, so we won't need to make a woodshed out of haybales to keep the logs dry.


Marci said...

Do you have a stairway to the upstairs from inside yet?

Lynn said...

No stairway yet. I think it would be too cold this winter to have all that cold air rushing down here any time the door was opened. Besides, we need the room that a stairway would take up in space!

HomesteadHerbs said...

OH Lynn! Congratulations! You have a house!! How wonderful. But unless I missed something...there's no windows!! Do they come in afterwards?