Monday, October 02, 2006

Unexpected Visitors to the Construction Site

One morning when my construction workers climbed to the roof (before the shingles were in place and just after the tarpaper was rolled onto the roof) they noticed there was a lot of residue from birds up there. We caught them in the act! The boys have had to chase our Bourbon Red turkeys off the scaffolding on a regular basis -- and they don't give up easily. I've never seen such a curious gang of birds in my life!

Unfortunately, they also leave a "residue" on scaffolding as well!

This is a photo of the completed roof -- hooray! Today they added more house wrap, and are finishing up the sides with sheathing (I hope I have the correct name for the siding). I'm hoping before they are finished for the season (we will be doing insulation, etc. inside as time and finances allow) they will add a door of some type, because our curious turkeys also enjoy coming in for a visit.

This photo of our cat Squeaky kind of snuck into my blog. He was a wild as a kitten, and our sons captured him with a live trap and tamed him. He is definitely a farm cat; very tough and yet friendly to our family. He reminds us all of a lynx, as he has black tips on his ears, with dark tufts of hair there as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn

Thanks for the picturs.

Turkeys are growing.

Somebody should make them a roost near their pen. Maybe they would get the hint.

That roof should take care of a lot of problems.

Guess MacDonalds have the bus running. That was good news for sure. Hope they will not give up traveling. They sure will have a lot of material to write a book some day.

Gp B

Marci said...

Your turkeys are so funny. Turkeys as a whole seem to be very curious and much more friendly than chickens.

Your house looks WONDERFUL!!! Lynn, I am SO excited for you. I dream of my dream home. That is all it may ever be, but I can dream... it's free. =)

BonnieJ said...

Your turkeys are so funny! The bullets look nice :D We did some target shooting here in KY and it reminded me of the shooting we did with y'all. Say hi to everyone please.