Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Praying for the Fuller Family

Brian and Christina Fuller have a farm in Kansas, and Christina has a blog called "KS Milkmaid". They are in need of prayer right now, and I wanted to share some information so you could help pray with us.

This is Christina's entry from October 10:

Our battle with cancer explained
Posted October 10, 2006 @ 7:57 am

'Dear Friends,

Many of you are aware that we are facing a great battle here on our farmstead. Just when our dream of having a dairy barn is coming to fruition, we learned that my husband has pancreatic cancer. I have been reluctant to address this issue directly on this blog because we have been sorting through all of the information, assessing our options, and trying to figure out how to share this information with loved ones. In the past few weeks, we have been sorely challenged, and drop-kicked out of our comfort zone in so many ways.

His pancreatic cancer is a level IV cancer with a high mortality rate (only 5-20 percent surviving). Often, by the time the medical doctors find the cancer, it is so far advanced that it is nearly untreatable. The cancer has additionally directed itself to Brian’s liver and right kidney. We were led to an alternative practitioner in Oklahoma who is well-known for treating people with cancer with using herbs. After a thorough work up, he shared that he has hopes that Brian can win the battle with cancer. Brian is on 42 different daily herbal supplements to treat the cancer, and build his immune system.

Many of you have gathered in prayer already on our behalf. Thank you so much for your fervent prayers. This is a devastating situation, but one that did not take us by surprise. Brian has been sick for the past year with chronic pain, sudden weight loss, headaches, and stomachaches (all chronic). We knew he was facing something serious. The first medical doctor he saw sent him home with a clean bill of health, saying his only problem was borderline anemia. This doctor said Brian was very healthy. This “very healthy” man spent the next few days in bed, unable to go to work because the chronic pain was so severe. We located an alternative practitioner with the help of a customer, and learned the severity of what we were facing. We chose to go the alternative route because it was less risky to our family and our farmstead business. The medical field admits a very poor survival rate with this kind of cancer. Of course, a medical doctor would insist on chemotherapy and radiation, which would debilitate my husband. His off-the-farm job would be at risk; likewise, our farm would be at risk. Using alternative approaches to healing allows Brian to continue to function with mild side effects in comparison to standard cancer treatment.

Brian has been taking this course of treatment for almost three weeks. He has noticed changes in his health already. For example, the dentist noted that Brian’s tongue was exceedingly brown during his last appointment. It was a hoot, and rather encouraging, seeing him show me that his tongue had regained a normal pink color after only two weeks of supplements. He has also regained five pounds. In addition, Brian has dealt with a severe dry skin condition for over thirty years. It is so severe that his feet crack and bleed. I was suspicious of a fungal infection that invaded the first and second layer of the skin. I sent him to the doctor, who ignored my armchair assessments. The good ole doc gave him a prescription for fancy lotion to keep him comfortable. In essence, he was told he would live with the dry, cracked, bleeding feet the rest of his life. After two weeks of taking yeast and fungal detox supplements, his feet are healing. While these are all very hopeful signs, we still have a long road ahead of us. For every good day Brian has, he has a few bad days. There have been enough ups and downs to cause this milkmaid to feel a bit psychotic. Sadly, today was one of the bad days. Despite being ill, Brian still works his day job, and works here on the farm, refusing to let his illness prevent him from normal activities most of the time. Today, he is home in a great deal of discomfort.
In the past three weeks, I have learned so much about cancer, alternative treatments, the power of prayerful saints, and so much more. I hope to share some of the conclusions of my findings in future articles. The following quote has encouraged me to be an active advocate for my husband’s health. Further, it has taught me that prayer and discernment are vitally needed in this kind of battle.

"Do not let either the medical authorities or the politicians mislead you. Find out what the facts are, and make your own decisions about how to live a happy life and how to work for a better world." Linus Pauling, two time Nobel laureate (Chemistry and Peace)

There are many well-intentioned people practicing a wide gamete of healing. Walking with the spirit helps sort through the chaff so we can claim the kernel of wheat. I pray as you walk through this journey with us you will not feel sorry for us, but join us in seeing an amazing display of God’s love for his people. Yes, God’s majesty can be displayed even if the outcome we dread comes to pass. God bless you this beautiful day! '

Thanks for praying.

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