Friday, July 28, 2006

More Family Photos

Here are a few more photos from our time with the New Hampshire Bartletts:

One day we snagged a groundskeeper at the International Peace Gardens (which is about 20 miles from our farm), and asked her to take a photo of everyone. I've heard this area is one of two border crossings across the United States where there is a neutral area and Canadians and Americans can meet without getting into trouble. We have some friends with a situation where the wife didn't want to take on Canadian citizenship and the husband didn't want to become an American; that apparently is not acceptable, and now until some paperwork can go through, they meet at the Peace Gardens since she cannot cross into Canada and he cannot get back into the US. The park is usually a beautiful area, loaded with flowers. However, with the drought, the flowers and trees are stressed, and there are many areas where the flowers have died. There are also pieces of steel girders that came from the Twin Towers after 9-11, placed as a memorial to those who died. When we were getting ready to leave the area, we noted that the temperature was 101 degrees.

Grandpa B. took this photo of the clouds that were overhead one evening. As threatening as they looked, we received no rain.

This last photo was taken the first night after our relatives arrived. Of course, we had to introduce them to our animals!

3 comments: TN said...

Very nice photos Lynn. It was nice that the family could be together. I just celebrated My 50th wedding anniversary.

Emily said...

Hi Lynn! What fun you all have been having! I love visits from family when they can get up here. Thankfully none of them live too far from us. Now remember, if you ever come to NH, we must arrange a meeting! :)

I've just been catching up with you on your last few posts and was wondering about the goats. I've heard that having males nearby "taints" the females' milk. It looks like all yours are together. Does that affect the flavor? Also, how much space do they have to move around within that fenced area? I've found a local goat farm but have yet to visit it. They make a billion different products with their goats' milk and also sell the raw product so I'm excited to learn what I can in preparation for getting our own.

Lynn said...

HI Clara, I saw your 50th Anniv. photo -- you look too young to have had 50 years of marriage!

Hello to you, Emily -- I've missed hearing from you! We did have a special time together with Jim's family. We sure will make a point of visiting if/when we make it to NH.

The photo shows our female goats in the foreground, our 3 male sheep in the background (they are no longer with us). Ned our buck is in a separate pen, although in close proximity. What we do is let the does graze in an electric fence that is moved when there is nothing left for them, and also give Ned time to graze separately later in the day. We are waiting to see if the goat we currently are milking is pregnant, since she definitely is getting big. I guess they were together for a period of time before we got them. If that's the case, we would see kids some time in October. That would be great!

Looking forward to seeing a new post on your site!