Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Getting Ready for Company

Things are really getting busy around here ... I feel like I've neglected emails, blogs -- everything! There are 3 big events over the weekend, and I'm terribly behind in getting ready for them all.

Friday begin's the Survival Weekend Workshop, held over at our friend Paulette's health center, and run by Mountain Fire Keeper (Steve). My boys are thrilled and can't wait! As for me, I plan to forgo the sleeping in a tipi and enjoy a nice quiet night here instead. I guess since the tipis will be set up on a peninsula of land they will have to take everything in by canoe. Imagine -- carting picnic tables in a canoe! I'd like to see that one. Steve's lawn tractor that would have been used to cut a path out to the campsite is in a bunch of pieces over here, waiting for new parts to arrive. This event goes on through Sunday, and then Jim and the boys need to be in town by 10 a.m. to help set up for the Bottineau Gospel Music Festival.

The biggest event will be the arrival Sunday afternoon of Jim's folks and brother Doug and family from New Hampshire. They will stay a week, and it will be the country vs. the city! We'll see how they do in weeding gardens and milking the goat. I'm not sure what else we will figure out to do.

Meanwhile, Peter and Jonathan were practicing up by sleeping in their pup tent, when all of a sudden our dog Selah began barking hysterically. She is tied by the chicken tractor, with the hope that she would be a deterrent to any animal trying to get a taste of chicken. Jonathan came running into the house to get his .22, as he said he thought it was a muskrat by the chicken tractor. Sure enough, he came back in minutes later to say he got it. Why would a muskrat be way up on dry land over by our chicken tractor? I thought they were vegetarians! One down, one to go -- too many mosquitoes in the tent, so Jonathan will spend the night out there alone with the chickens and dogs. Maybe I won't have such a nice quiet Friday night after all!

Well, looks like the dogs will have to take care of everything tonight, as Jonathan just came in. I guess I have to do some patching on Jonathan's mosquito netting before the weekend hits. Hopefully we can take lots of digital photos of all the activities and share them later with everyone. That is, if we can find the part that downloads the photos off the card!


Emily said...

Hi Lynn! I haven't been online much either. My back's acting up again after doing several hours of gardening on Saturday. I'm still learning my limitations and have been a bit discouraged this week. It sounds like you have your hands full. I hope this coming weekend is a blessed one for you and your family. Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Is the muscrat in the freezer?

Never had muscrat steak before.

Good for Jonathan for getting out of bed to take care of the situation.

Good for Selah to alert you.

What great training they are getting learning survival skills. They have a great teacher.

Hang in there Lynn. We know how much
you try to do for everyone, just don't take it to seriously. We will survive. Just talked to Doug and they are all excited about the trip.

Gp B

JM said...


I'm laughing here in MN. We have taken lots of pictures of our activites. Our problem is that we cannot find the cord to download them to the computer. Haven't found it since our move. It's probably in the same place as yours! Perhaps the dog ate it!

Enjoy your company,

Marci said...

Lynn, I hope and pray that your weekend went smoothly and that you have a wonderful week this week with family. Just relax and be yourself and everyone will have a great time.

Emily, I am sorry to hear that your back is acting up. Mine has been sore, but only because of weed pulling. I pray that you get to feeling better. TN said...

Hi Lynn, I love your blog! I read a lot but plan to go back and read more. You sure are a busy lady, but it seems you have plenty of help with your four boys. What a great life. TN