Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hopefully Back to Blogging

Another busy day, but not as busy as for Jim's folks. They stayed last night at a hotel not very far from us, just off from Lake Metigoshe. About 2 a.m. they heard some sort of noise, so they got dressed and checked things out. Nothing seemed to be happening, but they did see a fire truck and police car. No one was around, so they went back to bed. About 6 a.m. they had someone knocking on their hotel room door, and when they opened the door the person told them they were supposed to have evacuated the building! Turns out there was a bomb threat -- in our way out of the way place! Jim's folks were then taken by police cruiser to Metigoshe Ministries, where they stayed for another hour before being taken back to the hotel and then left about a half hour later for Minot where their plane would take them back to New Hampshire. What an end to their time in rural North Dakota!

The boys and I spent the morning picking and processing peas and green beans. I was glad to be done, then discovered another bucketful of beans! Finished them after supper. We froze this batch, but the next time we pick we'll need to do some actual canning. Jim is having trouble with the pump we use to bring the water up from the lake to water the garden areas, and that is troubling. Guess we'll have to go borrow Mountain Fire Keeper's pump and try to fix the other one. We have lots to do before heading out very early Saturday morning to something called Prairie Days, a fun filled day with many other homeschooling families. This event occurs on a friend's farm about 3 hours from here.

We miss Grammy and Grandpa Bartlett, and look forward to sharing some photos of their time here with us. By the way, the above photo is the sunset we watched a couple of days ago from what we call our big field.


Marci said...

Good to see you back. I've missed your posts, but have seen you around in the comments on other's blogs.

WOW, that is weird there was a bomb scare out there. I am glad that Jim's parents are OK and safely on their way home.

Enjoy those boys there to help you. Oh, they grow up WAY too fast. My son, Joshua is in Florida for the week. My Dad lives down there and Joshua volunteered to go and help him do things that needed doing to his mobile and property. I am really proud of him. My Dad is thrilled for the company too.

BonnieJ said...

What a beautiful sunset. And I'm glad they are safe too :) We met some friends of theirs in Ohio and they were very nice.