Sunday, March 12, 2006

Recovering from the Homeschool Convention

Our family returned home after 4 jam packed days at the North Dakota Home School Assoc.'s convention. Living out of travel totes and sleeping in a hotel room was really no different for us than living here -- we live out of Rubbermaid containers and share the same sleeping area! It was nice, though, to have a solid door on the bathroom at the hotel instead of hanging quilts at home!

The convention was small, but must have been what many people needed, as the evaluations from attendees were for the most part filled with good comments. The convention coordinator only had 6 months to put it together, and she did a wonderful job. Mark Hamby was the keynote speaker, and people were thrilled with his sessions. I only made it to 2 of the 5 sessions, as there was just too much to do to get in there and listen. I didn't meet Mr. Hamby until the convention was over, and he told me he was planning on coming up and going hunting some time. There must have been some discussion going on between Mr. Hamby and my husband! Maybe he will just forget about it! My dream for the future is to have an area in the house set up specifically for guests, but it certainly will be a long time before anyone staying with us gets anything but the pull out couch!

Unfortunately -- in spite of all of our precautions -- this morning our son Peter came down with the flu. At least he was able to hold off on throwing up until we got home, but was pretty miserable. This is so frustrating for me, as the record now stands at 4 years in a row that one of our family members has contracted the flu at the end of/on the way home/as soon as we get home from the convention. March is such a bad month for colds and flu in our area. I guess it doesn't help that we stay up later and visit with lots of people while at convention, and are probably allowing ourselves to become run down. Hopefully Peter will be on the mend soon, and no one else will become sick. We have lots to do this week, as our seeds came in the mail while we were gone and Sunday is the next Country Living Skills workshop.


HomesteadHerbs said...

Sounds like the convention was a success! It's always so stimulating to hear of others who are venturing down the same path!

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