Monday, March 13, 2006

Blessings in Disguise

Last night our son Peter was up being sick. I felt so badly for him, but there wasn't much I could do to help. Instead, I walked into the lightless living room area to wait until he was able to head back to bed. What I found was a real winter wonderland! There was almost a full moon out, and the little ice crystals in the snow were sparkling all over the ground. It was beautiful! I surely wouldn't have needed a flashlight to find my way around outside. It was so nice to be able to enjoy the night sky.

I'm not that anxious to repeat the performance tonight, but there is a full moon out so it will most likely be just as beautiful. Our son Andrew is wanting to avoid being sick at all costs, so he asked if he could sleep on the couch. He will be the one tonight enjoying the wonders of the full moon. It may be a long night anyway, since our son David came down with flu symptoms this afternoon. If I am up, at least I can enjoy the night sky with Andrew.


HomesteadHerbs said...

I'm so sorry the flu is going through the house! I will pray for quick healing!

Are you using herbs to medicate everyone?

Grammy B. said...

Sorry the flu has hit your family. Good that you got to enjoy the beautiful night sky.

Thank you for sharing the activities of your family via the ND Homekeeper.

Love, Mom B.

Emily said...

Hi Lynn....sorry to hear about the boys' illness. Hope you can avoid it. We've had success using grapefruit seed extract as a preventative when others in the house are sick along with large doses of acidophilus when it's a tummy ailment.

I've had similar visual blessings bestowed upon me recently when up with Anna-Rose in the middle of the night. The moonlight casting shadows on the snow is a wondrous and beautiful sight. So peaceful.

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, we had been using extracts called Anti-Plague and Ecchinacea (the garlic is so strong!) before the convention, but the boys still came down with symptoms. Thankfully no one else has had any sickness. We are using different teas to help Peter with his symptoms, now that he has come down with something. One thing we use a lot of is activated charcoal, to help with headaches, any infection, and stomach upset. It really seems to help.

Emily, using grapefruit seed extract is something I hadn't heard of before. I am interested in hearing more about that. I also haven't heard of using acidophilus, so you know a lot more than I do!

I received one more comment on this post and it came to my email but not to this blog site. Has anyone else had that happen to them?