Saturday, March 25, 2006

Plenty of Challenges

Life's a bit of a challenge for me lately .... I thought we were all over this sickness, but it came once again like a wave. Thankfully our youngest is starting to feel better, but this week that little ball of energy has done a lot of sleeping without my prompting. He has a touch of some fluid in one of his lungs, so we will have to stay on top of that. Now my 9-year-old is coming down with the flu, and I'm not happy! My husband and oldest son left early yesterday for 2 days of working with Worldview Weekend, and will be back late tonight. I have quite a few symptoms myself, so the boys and I have done lots of resting.

Making the change from antibiotics and over the counter medications to natural remedies sure has been a challenge. I'm so thankful to have our friend Paulette around to direct me in their use. I'm hoping to be able to confidently tell someone else that natural remedies work -- just give them enough time to allow them to do so. It's been interesting to read that prescription medicines have been derived from the medicinal properties in plants and herbs; so why shouldn't we be taking them instead of synthetic drugs?

Back to cleaning up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog Lynn.

No fun with sickness in the house and less fun if its you.

Hope it clears up soon.

Good that it waited till after the convention.

Keep your chin up,

Love you

Gp B

Emily said...

Hi Lynn....I sent you an email with lots of info in it. Hope you're feeling better. I have a whole herbal regimen I go through when we're sick. We haven't used OTC medications or prescription drugs for years, except pain relievers for us adults at times. It just becomes habit after a while and then you never think twice about it. I'm sure you'll develop your own personal responses to each type of illness. What helps is to keep a type of sickness journal. Who gets what and when, how long it lasts, what remedies you use, what works, etc. Get plenty of rest and get well sounds like Steven has major plans for you!

HomesteadHerbs said...

OH! I love Emily's suggestion of a sickness journal and individual responses to treatment! That would be very useful.

I pray you are all healing and that this bout with illness is the last for a long while!