Monday, September 27, 2010

North Dakota's Best Kept Secret

Today friends of ours came for a visit, flying over in their family's airplane. Jim, Andrew and David met them at the town airport, and Jim and David went up for a quick flight over our farm.

This is what the Turtle Mountains of ND look like by air on a beautiful fall day.

The bright green area in the middle is what we call our "big field." This is where Jonathan has his chickens and turkeys.

The above photo is our farm.

I never knew this area of ND existed until we started looking for land in the country.

Thanks, Roberts, for a special day of fellowship and fun!


Christine said...


Think I can move in with y'all? :-)


Marci said...

Beautiful!!! You are really surrounded by water!!! How close is the nearest neighbor?

Kimberly said...

That's beautiful! I love all the color on the trees.

Kelle said...

Thanks for sharing that I never knew about this location and beautiful lands in ND either.
Lady, no wonder you are tired, those gardens are HUGE and very lovely from above. What fun to see a layout of your place. Just beautiful!

Lynn Bartlett said...

Come on up any time, Christine!

Kimberly, I've never been to your part of the state, and hopefully will do that one of these days. Do you look more like the Bismarck area?

Hi Kelle,
Your husband's family's part of the state is totally different than ours. We looked out in the Killdeer area at land that bordered the Missouri River, and I must say I am VERY THANKFUL we chose this land instead.