Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Frost Warnings

The guys spent most of the day picking green tomatoes -- lots of them! We planted over 200 plants, and hardly any of the tomatoes have ripened. We did plant some in the hoop house, but when I went into the area to pick the ripe ones I discovered most had a bite taken out of them. Would a skunk do that? I was plenty discouraged, since I love tomato sandwiches. Hopefully some of these tomatoes will do a good job of maturing upstairs in our unfinished dining room area.

Tomorrow night is supposed to dip into the lower 30's.

By Saturday we are supposed to have a high in the low 50's. Fall came early this year.


Marci said...

WOW!! That is a LOT of tomatoes. :) I am not sure what would take a bite out of them. Mine have holes from chickens pecking them. :(

Herrick Kimball said...

I've never seen so many tomatoes in one place. We had a critter taking bites out of our tomatoes this year too. My wife put traps in the garden and caught a good size rat.

Kelle said...

WOW! those are beautiful tomatoes! I thought I'd planted to many tomato plants at 64 plants, but 200,you go girl!

Yep, we harvested everything we could or that we felt might be ruined by the freezing temps. It sure snuck up on us didn't it? I looked back on our blog and last Oct.( early, first week) we received 3-4" of snow, it froze the leaves right on the trees,they never even got to change color, let alone fall off*sigh*

Our house is a mess, produce everywhere and the pumpkins, zucchini, cukes and green tomatoes are on the shelves in the root cellar. ON top of all this we have two bushels of plums and a case of peaches to do something with. Oh! well it's a blessing and we'll keep pluggin away and if we need inspiration we go look at what we've preserved thus far. :o) All those jars of beautiful produce warm our hearts.

The K. Family said...

We've had bites out of ours too and we guessed that it might be slugs. But your tomatoe harvest looks fantastic! Ours didn't do good this year and if I lived closer I would gladly take some of that work off your hands! Just kidding of course!

What's New with the Halls said...

Wow! That's a ton of tomatoes! You are busy busy! :)