Saturday, September 05, 2009

Morning in the Turtle Mountains

We awoke yesterday morning to a heavy mist, and I took some photos because I thought it looked rather pretty.

I thought my clothes would finish drying overnight, but they were quite wet when I checked them!

Sunrise over what's left of the Canadian thistle.


Anonymous said...

Lynn those pics should be prize winners.

But one question-- how to describe pictures like those-, Beautiful, depressing, interesting, black & white, I know -- WONDERFUL!

Thanks for posting them. It has looked like that here all this week early in AM. 70s & 80s during the day, so is worth it.

Gp B

Lori said...

To my sister-friend,
Your blog is fun to read but it makes me miss you and your family so I can't read it without crying. You do a good job of keeping up with it, I surely couldn't do that!
Thanks for the pictures, the 5 year anniversary post was sure brought us back in time!

Kimberly said...