Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Corn Season

Our corn has finally matured! Today was the first day to sell it in the parking lot of the local convenience store.

We didn't notice until noon that the corn was ready to be harvested, so it was a rush to get ready to leave by 5:00. Peter used an old door to make the "corn" sign, and Jim helped him anchor it to the top of the pick up truck. Jonathan picked, and Andrew and David did the husking. I was given the extra ears to can.

Andrew used an old wheelbarrow to haul corn out of the field.
Our family prefers frozen corn over canned corn, but we were out of freezer bags so we canned this batch. Besides, the boys love homemade corn chowder, and the recipe calls for canned corn with the liquid. This works great for the soup.
I thought I would also include some great photos that Andrew took tonight ... He has quite a knack in capturing some very nice scenery. I'm still amazed that it's September already, but here in the Turtle Mountains there is definitely fall in the air.

If you look closely, you can see the cow and horse in this photo.

Our view looking past the raspberry bushes to the left and towards the woods.

Looking into the big field where the Appleseed weekend was held. There is one lone tree on the top of the hill that has turned yellow already, but it's a bit hard to see when the photo is small.
Andrew also created the header for this blog. He does a great job!


Marci said...

I hope you were able to sell a bunch of corn. Keep us posted on how well you did.

That is a great idea for the canned corn. We love corn chowder too.

The Krahns said...

We were looking at your chicken butchering post and wondered what kind of chickens you had and maybe where you got them? That is, if you'll share your secret to monster chickens!! They are so big compared to ours! Yes, we're seeing a few leaves turning here and there as well over here.

Lynn Bartlett said...

Hi Marci, I'll let you know as the corn selling season progresses!

Lynn Bartlett said...

Hello Krahns,
Our son Jonathan raised Cornish Cross chickens to sell. The first year we raised them we had so much trouble that we said never again, but people seem to want the big breasted birds. I'm pretty sure he purchased them through Hoover Hatchery in Iowa. This year went much smoother, and Jonathan sold all 300 of them.

Anonymous said...

Good corn is a blessing from the Lord.