Thursday, July 09, 2009

My Protector

We had quite a storm last night, starting a bit after midnight. This morning Jim said the rain gauge recorded 2-1/2 inches, but I'm wondering if there was some water in it before the storm which had collected from watering plants. Today was so fresh and the air very clear from all the activity during the night. The temperature was somewhere in the lower 70's.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing laundry today, since it meant I was outside hanging clothes on the line. There was quite a wind, but the clothes managed to stay on the lines.

I have a protector when I do laundry: Samson. For some reason, he takes it as his duty to walk with me over to the clotheslines and watch in the shade until I am ready to head back to the house. When he knows I am finished he either walks back with me or heads off to look for someone else.

Today we were also joined by our cat, Lena. She can be a bit of a pest, as she enjoys climbing into my laundry basket to check out how nice the clothes feel. While we were out there, Lena noticed a bird on the crossbar holding up the lines. The bird was facing the other direction and singing to its heart's content, so Lena decided she would try to snatch the poor thing. Samson was lounging in the shade, but I noticed that he suddenly picked up his head and was watching Lena. Just as she was about to spring he jumped for her and scared her out of her mission.
I doubt if Samson deliberately tried to keep the bird safe, but I do know he thoroughly enjoyed foiling Lena's plans.


Tamera said...

Animals are so fun to watch!

Marci said...

Good boy Samson. :) Keep those cats in line!!

I love to hang out laundry as well. Star keeps me company.

It is always good to hear from you, Lynn.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Lynn.

Guess we know where JJ's Writing ability comes from. Or at least some of it.

Gp B

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
That's so interesting that Samson always goes with you to hang up the wash. Our dog, Millie, does the same thing. She's pretty young so I thought that she was after the wash, like our former dog was. She just sits under the washline, though, right where I'm hanging up the clothes and waits to be played with. Sometimes, when she won't move voluntarily, my foot "Plays" a little harder than she would like. :) The next time I'm out there, she does the very same thing so it must not bother her too much.
I'm glad that you got rain. We got almost 2 inches in the past few days so we're thankful!
Happy summer,

Lynn Bartlett said...

Thanks for all your comments! I don't know what I would do without Samson, he is a very special dog -- even if he occasionally enjoys teasing cats!