Friday, July 10, 2009

Homestead Newcomers

I wanted to show my Mom some photos of my garden by the patio area. My delphiniums are starting to blossom, and I think they are so very pretty. I took these photos before the big storm the night before last, because I thought the flowers might not make it if the winds were going to be as strong as predicted. Thankfully they did fine.

Below are the Sweet Williams I transplanted out of the garden area near where my herbs are growing. They are also doing very well. I have some petunias in there, too, which were started from seed.

The delphiniums that have yet to blossom in this photo are a different shade of purple. Today they are open quite a bit more.
You can see our trusty house wrap in the background. Jim has been talking to a mill near Bemidji, MN to see if they would do rough pine boards for us for siding.

I walked outside about suppertime, and found something else in my garden:

These are Funny Face's kittens that were born the weekend the guys were participating in the Appleseed shoot. She had them in David's go cart, and when the boys wanted to start working on it they transferred them to underneath the goat's milking stand in the barn.
One day we showed Funny Face's kittens to a lady and her nephew who were interested in some barn cats, and picked out two for when they are weaned. Apparently Funny Face didn't like how we exposed her kittens, so that day she moved them to the woodpile in the big culvert we have at the edge of the woods. That made it very difficult to even get close to the kittens, since as soon as they heard or saw us they would scatter farther into the woodpile.

Today was the first day they ventured by the house. I have a feeling Funny Face is getting tired of feeding them (although last night I saw her bringing a mouse over there), so she brought them over to give us the opportunity. We soaked cat food in goat milk and let them at it. They ate like troopers!

Hopefully they will become more friendly, and soon will be ready to find new homes.
PS: Our family is hosting an Appleseed Project weekend on our farmstead, August 22-23. You are welcome to attend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn

Great to see you are enjoying the spring.

Looks like the flowers are enjoying it too.

Gp B

Caroline said...

Our barn cat has changed her mind a couple of times. She has her kittens in the loft of the barn. 1st litter, she let the kids handle them with no problems. 2nd litter, she moved them every time we found them. We ended up "kidnapping" the kittens once they were old enough, and raising them in a dog crate in the house to socialize them a bit. Last litter, she again had no problem with us playing with the kittens.