Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back to Fall?

We had quite a bit of rain yesterday, making our driveway rather sloppy again. David and I delivered strawberries to someone, and almost went down the hill sideways with the station wagon. David thought that was great, but I sure didn't.

This morning Peter came in after milking and asked for a winter hat -- it's only in the lower 40's this morning with a very stiff wind. Originally the forecast predicted a high today of 60, but now they are saying possibly upper 60's. This has been a very different "summer" for us.

I thought I would hang my clothes out last night to save some time this morning. They should be very clean, as they probably received at least three extra rinses. We'll see how long it takes before they actually dry!


Kimberly said...

They will smell extra nice!

The Krahns said...

Brr! I have a hard time believing it hit 60 here today. It feels like fall again so we can relate to you all!